Staying In Character

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If you were watching a play in real life and one of the characters turned to another and said, "Wow, check out all the cute girls in the front row!" What would you think? This is like a play, and you are performers. As hard as it is, and I know it is hard, separate you, the player, from you the character. It avoids A LOT of hurt feelings. Remember, what happens in the game is like a dynamic movie. Characters do not really die and they can recover from almost any circumstance.

To be a great player is to think as your character would think. If you are killed without reason, what would happen next? Maybe you would seek help to hunt down the murderers? Or maybe attack their stronghold to retrieve a stolen item. You don't have to carry a sword to be a great player, nor do you have to have enemies, but since there are good and evil sides, you must be a part of the conflict in some way.

See other characters as people trying to play a scripted role. An evil villain is going to do things that you, the person, might object to, like rampaging through a village killing chickens or old people. Instead, look at them and think, They are playing a great evil character! Bravo! DO NOT take issue with anything and everything that you, THE PERSON, object to. Think like a character, play like a character, kill like one, and die like one and that will remove a TON of issues which are more PLAYER issues, than character issues.

If you don't like the way someone is playing their character, so what?! That's not for you to decide, complain about, police, monitor, comment on, etc. That is for the DMs to do.

1) You are a person, playing with other persons, playing characters according to a concept.
2) Separate your values as a person, with your characters values.
3) Respond with your character, NOT your person.

The following list has a number of commonly accepted "high-fantasy" sayings, swearwords, greetings and farewells. Feel free to make up your own; please just make them believable, and avoid real-life swear words.


General exclamations

“By the hells!”
“By the fiery gates of the Abyss!”
“Gods above 'n' fiends below!”
“Shyte!” [Generally seen as a better variant of “e”]
“Damn / Damnation!”

Personal abuse - men

“Whoreson” [questions someone's parentage, but a general term of abuse]
“Orcwit” [fool, idiot]
“Orcsnack” [a green recruit]
“Badblood” [a troublemaker]

Personal abuse - women




“Someday I will kill you” [a standard Orcish greeting]
“Not today” [the standard reply]

“Where there's a whip, there's a way.”
“It is a good day to kill”


“Axe high, friend, I go” [Dwarven farewell]
“May your axe be ever bright” [Dwarven farewell]

"orc-filth" [Abusive term.]
“By my beard!” [The speaker is being VERY serious.]
“His beard is long.” or “…longer than his years.” [indicates wisdom]
“no-beard” or “shorthair” [meant as an insult to any race; particularly grave to another dwarf]
“You stand tall among us.” [complimentary; the actual height of the person in question is irrelevant - it's impossible for a dwarf to use this ironically.]
“His axe is sharp.” [said of a good strategic thinker.]
“Under the Mountain.” [Safe, well protected.]
“Open to the sky.” [Unsafe, unprotected. Also an insult, i.e. someone is a liability.]
“Sandstone!” [Serious exclamation; literally stone too soft and crumbling to be workable.]


“Winds blow.” [A neutral elven greeting indicating that chance has brought you together.]
“Sweet water and light laughter until next” [elven farewell]
“I/we leave you” [Drow *only*]

“Feast of wolves” [i.e. a slain enemy]
“Gate bird” [i.e. a slain enemy]
“Go kiss an orc”
“Listen to my laughter” [dismissive]
“Much wind pours from your mouth”
“Son of snakes” [i.e. a dishonest person]
“You are king in your imagination” […to a pompous person]
“You smell like a human”
“Your head is empty”


“Forges warm, friend” [Gnomish farewell]

“(to) set the gears in motion.” [Getting things started, often with the mechanistic gnomish mentality that all things work like machines.]
“(he) always casts a shadow.” [Mild or medium insult. Suggestive of the inability to hide *in* the shadows or use illusions to avoid detection.]


“Good morning, and good day after that! Don't let anything curl your hair!” [Halfling greeting, to which is sometimes added, “'Ware the Big Folk, and mind the goblins too!”]
“Gods smile (upon you)!” [Halfling greeting to the impatient other races.]


Hello and goodbye

“Well met” [Most often used greeting, especially between races or to those about whom you are unsure.]
“Well again” [Used between business associates or acquaintances]
“Again.” [Hostile greeting. Abbreviated from “Well again.”]
“Until swords part” [Warriors' farewell throughout the Realms.]
“Until next, may your sword be ever wet, and your arse dry” [Pirates]
“If you die while I'm gone, do it quietly.” [Also implies the unspoken addendum: “because I wouldn't want to miss the fun.”]


“That hound won't hunt.” [Indicates a poorly thought-out idea or ill-judged plan. Mildly insulting.]
“(caught) between the Dragon and the Desert.” [between a rock and a hard place - to face two equally unattractive possibilities.]
“No more Firewine for the Barbarian.” [said of someone going too far with a jest or a plan.]
“Fool's Gold”, or “To take Fool's Gold.” [An adventurer's watchword meaning to take on an adventure so dangerous that only a god of fools would attempt it.]
“A hero must move.”
“Fear and loyalty are the same word.”

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