Combat And Game Mechanics

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House Rules

I have a few house rules I've used over the past several years, that I've found make for fast paced combat, better immersion, and no cheating — we should discuss these as a group —:

Combat Rules:

The "10 second" rule: You have 10 seconds to decide & declare your character's actions during a combat (as combat rounds are only 6 seconds long, we're being lenient on us players lol). Otherwise, you do a default action or a "raise my initiative" action for next turn. This keeps combat feeling -hectic- and tense, keeps immersion, and avoids people waiting 30 minutes or more for their turn to roll one die or something.

  • This basically means -please- think about what your character is going to do, before it gets to be your turn.
  • We could turn off this rule if there's new-to-RPing players, or, other special needs. Or we give those players 20-30 seconds instead of 12 seconds, etc.

Prepare your Summons & Spells ahead of time: Players and DM should prep summon cards w/ stat blocks (for summon monster and similar spells / effects) so that all the looking up is done ahead of time. Similarly, should prep commonly used spell rules / effects (either by links to the PFSRD or in some other way) so that we don't need a long time to look them up in play.

Roll in the dice pit: We all roll there, even the DM (except for secret rolls like perception checks to notice ambushers, etc.) Aside from removing cheating, this also makes it more of a casino-excitement feel during the game.

Role-playing Rules:

Talk "In Character" if your character is talking, or say "OOC" if it's a meta-game conversation: this is more specific to passing info in a fight, or a social RP scene, etc. A little voice acting is better for immersion! Talk "Out Of Character" if we're handling meta-game stuff / logistics. If we're in an intense "In Character" moment, and someone needs to say something that should -not- be taken In Character, then they need to explicitly say "OOC" or "Out Of Character" beforehand so we all know and it doesn't break immersion too badly.

  • For some advice on good In Character lines, CLICK HERE.
  • If your character's voice is annoying, or you just don't want to talk that way all the time, then just say "In Character" and "OOC" as appropriate when we're in game, so that we all know if it's you or your PC talking.

RP your stats: …that is, if your character has an Intelligence of 7, act dumb. A charisma of 7, act socially unconfident & low status. A wisdom of 7, you're absent-minded / lost in your head. Etc. You were given a 30 stat point buy for the 2014 campaign, which should help make strong characters that are also versatile, and as mentioned the social RP will matter quite a bit.

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