Character Creation Guidelines

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Character Backstory

Every character concept benefits from a background story, something to tie you into the world and give us all a better experience. Please read through the campaign setting materials and Gazetteer to get a sense of the world, before you write your backstory.

Talk to me if you're not finding enough material specific to your character race / region, religion, etc, and I will help you.

  • People who write cool back-stories will see more of their ideas show up in the game.
  • People who write extra-cool back-stories will find some nice in-game rewards (stuff like XP, items, treasure, blessings, allies, etc).



Character Classes and Archtypes

  • Most classes are allowed, but no Paladins.
  • Anti-paladin is allowed, with a couple modifications.
  • There is a campaign-specific archetype for Anti-Paladin, and one for Monk, that can be unlocked around 3rd level. If you play one of those two character classes, you can choose to take on one of the campaign specific archetypes at that time (character revision will be allowed as needed for this transformation.)
  • Clerics, Inquisitors or Anti-Paladins must worship Asmodeus, or, an Ideal or Lesser Power that is compatible with Asmodeus.
  • It's necessary to create a character that will be willing to serve Asmodeus and/or his agents, even if they worship someone/thing else. Otherwise you won't be able to function in the campaign.


Numbers & Stats & Stuff

  • You begin play at 1st level, and no races with a Level Adjustment are allowed.
  • You begin play with zero equipment or money, as per the Player's Handout (see the link above).
  • For ability scores, use the Pathfinder rules with the following modifications: a 30 Point Buy, and, no ability score may be below an 8 or above an 18 (before racial ability modifiers).
  • IMPORTANT: Part of the reason you have a high point buy is that in this campaign, every character must be able to hold their own in combat, AND, socially. You are playing villains becoming dark lords, building an organization of minions you must lead, trying to steal a kingdom, etc. Every PC must be proficient in at least 2 of the four social skills (Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate and/or Sense Motive), and, I strongly advise against "dumping" charisma.
  • We are playing a villainous campaign, on a mission for Asmodeous. Your character alignment must be either: Lawful Evil (preferred), Lawful Neutral, Neutral Evil or True Neutral. No Chaotic and no Good alignments allowed.
  • No Wizards of the Coast 3.5 material, nor PF 3rd party material (except the adventure path) is available for use. Only official Paizo Pathfinder material and Way of the Wicked original content.
  • No Psionics in this campaign.
  • Only the classes/archtypes listed in the Pathfinder RPG Reference Document, or in the Way of the Wicked material, are playable.
  • We will not roll Hit Dice for Hit Points. Instead you get max at 1st level, and then take average-rounded-up for every other level (e.g. a d6 gets 4, a d8 gets 5, a d10 gets 6 and a d12 gets 7.)
  • All PCs get 2 EXTRA Skill Points every level, from 1st level onwards (per the Player's Handout).
  • IMPORTANT: Just like I mentioned above, every character needs to be able to hold their own socially. That's part of the reason for the extra skill points. ALSO, -every- Knowledge skill will see use (yes, even Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Nobility), as will Appraise, some Profession skills, etc. The party needs to be versatile skills-wise, make sure it's all covered. Having access to Divinations also helps.
  • All PC's get a free bonus feat at 1st level, of the player's choice. This represents your characters extra life experience by being on the wrong side of the law.
  • You can take up to 2 traits of your choice. The RP of the traits can be refluffed as necessary for your character concept, however, you must obey the limits of one Trait per category (e.g. you cannot take two Traits that are both listed as "Combat", or two both listed as "Magic", etc) and of any Race traits (unless you spend your Social option on "Adopted").
  • All characters also begin with a campaign drawback "Branded Criminal" and an associated bonus campaign trait. There are a number of options for this - SEE THE PLAYERS HANDOUT (PDF)
  • DM reserves the right to play-balance the PC Races, as necessary (e.g. if one person is playing an Aasimar or Fetchling, and someone else is playing an Oread, there's a pretty big imbalance.)


Available Feats, Spells, Traits & Flaws


NOT ALLOWED (as a player selected feat): Leadership

  • All characters will receive this feat as free bonus during the course of the campaign, at the appropriate point in the story.
  • Leadership has been modified in this campaign to be more about building an evil organization of minions. Cohorts will be attracted from NPCs, not created from scratch, and they won't always be "on camera" with the PCs. Leadership in this campaign is much more about the Followers and running an evil organization, than it is about the cohorts or having a '2nd character'.


Aside from these restrictions, please review the Pathfinder RPG Core Rules (or their Reference Document) for Feats, Spells, etc:

  • Aside from what's in the Player Handout, there are also some campaign-specific Feats, Spells and Traits that will be made available during the game, starting at 3rd level.
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